Side Hustle: Make Up To $525 A Month Just By Donating Blood/Plasma

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    Victoria Stephens

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    Sat, June 16

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Volunteering to donate plasma can be both a personally satisfying and life-saving venture for those who qualify. An individual's plasma donation might be instrumental in saving someone's life in the future, a feeling that is undeniably significant. Heres how you can make money out of donating plasma.

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Every donation goes a long way towards new research and treatments, so it is incredibly important to understand the role plasma plays today. Donating one's own plasma is surprisingly safe and takes just a few hours of your time. It is a worthy cause that many should strongly consider to help the medical field advance either directly or indirectly.

Earn Hundreds of Dollars a Month

Donating plasma is one of the easiest ways to earn money while helping others. All you have to do is spend a few hours each week donating at a licensed donation center, and you can quickly begin earning hundreds of dollars each month. Even better, as your body adapts to the process, you will be able to increase the amount that you donate and thus increase how much money you are able to make. It's an efficient way to help out those in need while earning some extra spending money for yourself! Clinics offer differing payouts ranging from around $750-$1000 for first time donors. You can donate plasma twice a month.

Am I Eligible To Donate

You need to meet certain criteria to be eligible. Here are the eligibility requirements you need to meet for plasma donation.

  • Must be 18+ years old/li>
  • Must be > 110 pounds
  • Must not have diabetes
  • Must not have hepatitis/HIV

Why Donating Plasma Is Helpful?

Plasma therapy is an invaluable treatment for those who have been affected by trauma, or have experienced blood shortages. In these cases, the added plasma helps to raise their blood volume, preventing shock and stopping bleeds from clots. Patients may require plasma therapy for a variety of reasons, including severe injury or illness. When administered correctly, plasma therapy facilitates healing on many levels; it can provide a much-needed boost in the patient's physical health, as well as a sense of hope for recovery and wellness. This type of therapy is especially beneficial for those who may not be able to adequately recover without this intervention.

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Steps To Take To Donate

1. Make sure you are hydrated

Donating plasma is a great way to help save lives, but it is important to make sure that you are properly hydrated before the donation process begins. We strongly recommend that you drink an extra 16 ounces of water or clear, non-alcoholic fluids before your donation. Hydrating beforehand will help prevent any potential side effects such as fainting, dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue which can sometimes occur during and after the blood plasma donation process. Taking this small yet very important step will lead to a more successful donation experience for everyone involved.

2. Choose a well known clinic near you

There are donor centres all across the country. Find one that's closest to you and make sure it is accredited. Some names to trust include CSL Plasma, OctaPharma Plasma, Biolife Plasma and Grifols Plasma.

3. Set aside the right amount of time. It doesn’t take long!

Donating plasma may take some amount of time, but it is definitely worth the effort. On your first visit, you should expect to be at the donating center for up to two hours. Subsequent donations will take approximately ninety minutes to complete. However, the time and energy put in to donating plasma is well worth it: lives are saved as a result, and donors are compensated financially as a reward for their selflessness. Donating plasma is an incredibly rewarding experience - so why not make the most of it?